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Bereavement Care

Our hospice care team provides services to support those who are grieving. Through our professional team of bereavement counselors, social workers, and volunteers we offer support to you and/or your family members as requested for social, emotional issues, and grief.

Bereavement Care will continue to support your family for up to 13 months following the death of your loved one. Please talk with your hospice care team or agency to learn about what is available to you in your area.*

We provide bereavement care in some or all of the following ways:

  • Individual Support
    This may include personal visits, phone calls, or a series of letters sent to provide words of encouragement and support through your journey of grief.
  • Memorial Services
    Services focus on the spiritual aspects of loss. The service is a special time to honor and remember lost loved ones.
  • Support Groups
    Groups provide an understanding environment in which to share the experience of loss with others.
  • In-Services
    Bereavement training and education seminars are available to families and the community upon request.

We have grief counselors available to meet with you at your request before and after the death of your loved one. Any caregiver, roommate, close friend or family member of a hospice patient is eligible for support and bereavement services.

*Services may vary by location